I speak in a variety of venues including conferences, organizational retreats, church leadership meetings, and academic classrooms. When I present to you and others, you will hear three types of information: Relatable stories of generosity development, practical ways for you to structure new ministry models in your own faith community, and immediate, achievable goals you can begin working towards.  The point of my content is to help you think and lead. If you and others are ready for this learning experience, take a moment to review my speaking portfolio.

Five Causes of Generosity
What are the causes?  From my experience, research, and collaboration with fundraisers and pastors, I will share what I believe to be the core catalysts for giving, and more importantly, how to create cultures where people develop the practice of giving.

Developing the Next Generation of Givers
Learn to apply leadership and fundraising best practices to inspire generosity in Gen X and Millennials.

Generosity from Scratch
This content teaches seminarians, beginning pastors, and/or pastors of church plants ways to lead and launch financial stewardship ministries in faith communities.

Discernment Practices for Giving
In my journey, I have met many church goers who are struggling to determine what God is calling them to financially give to their church.  This presentation presents ways for leaders to learn and teach others steps to being more purposeful at generosity.

The Vocation of Generosity Development
Fundraising and stewardship ministry development is fruitful, yet challenging work.  I will share my journey, and the values keeping many in this vocation focused and encouraged in doing some of the most impactful work in the world.

Revitalizing the Annual Stewardship Campaign
Are you hearing fall stewardship campaigns are becoming extinct?  What’s next?  Before you distance your congregation from this ancient process for developing financial commitments, you might consider staying the course with the campaign model for at least another year or two.  I will discuss the spirituality of campaigns and how to build the next, inspiring campaign.

A 12 Month Stewardship Ministry Guide for Pastors
How often should pastors preach on stewardship/giving throughout the year?  In addition, what are some other ways through which they can provide pastoral leadership to develop stewards in their congregation?  In this presentation, Sean will provide counsel for pastors seeking a personal, yearly plan for a deepened involvement in stewardship ministry.

Launch: How Church Leadership can Create a 12-Month Stewardship Ministry
What can church stewardship leaders/teams do in January or June to develop stewards?  When is the best time to thank givers for giving?  How often should members be asked to give?  This presentation provides a guide for developing a January-December stewardship ministry.


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