How to ask someone for money while they are on a treadmill

“Most of them are running on a treadmill all the time, and that is why they don’t have time to consider your fundraising or stewardship messages.”

This is what I shared with some pastors recently as they were inquiring as to how to get young families more engaged with church giving.  Gen X-ers, in particular, are the most over-burdened, over-scheduled, over-fatigued, over-stressed, and over-fearful generation in the history of the world. They get out of bed in the morning and go.  They don’t stop until the end of the long day, after the work, shuttling kids to and from school and activities, and all the other stuff that monopolizes their time.  They live on treadmills.

These treadmill-occupiers are part of the larger group we ask for money during church stewardship campaigns. Lacking the time to think about an ask, or to even give for that matter, how can we meet them on these treadmills and equip them to discern and practice stewardship?

  • Optimize electronic giving platforms. This generation is busy, but not too busy to keep their iPhones close by. Make sure you are emailing and texting them information about giving opportunities. Text reminders with links to give now are catching on. And remember, if they are worshipping on Sundays, they can give via the phone during the offering time as well.
  • Utilize their peers to get their attention. People give to people, and if one of their church community friends texts or emails them about a giving opportunity, they will be very inclined to pay attention to the message and the ask.
  • Discuss these treadmill-occupiers and how you can minister to and care for them in an upcoming church leadership meeting. The fact this generation is so over-burdened is not good for their physical or spiritual health.  Discuss ways to equip them with new stewardship of life practices to help them “come to Jesus and find rest and a better way to steward all of life.”  Matthew 11:28-30

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