Five Critical Questions in Five Days for Church Stewardship Leaders – #1

Leaders want solutions. They recognize a problem and invite corrective measures for undesirable progress. In recent years, church leadership has operated with the same mindset when dealing with the development of congregational stewardship ministry. Leaders want solutions for the flat giving. They want ideas to change the entire stewardship system.

Ideas aren’t always helpful. If a leader lacks the right mental focus or level of commitment, ideas tend to fall into an abyss.  For the ideas to work, change needs to make its way into the leadership.  When leaders change the way they think and the way they assess the problems, the beginning of a new congregational stewardship ministry can begin.

How do leaders face authentic assessment?  They face good questions. Questions travel to places of the heart and mind that advice doesn’t.  Good, thought-provoking questions can lead the leader to a new understanding of him or herself, God, the congregation, and those dreaded discussions about budgets and giving.

For the next five days, I will share a question per day to spur on a new mindset for stewardship leaders.

Question 1:

What is your mission in stewardship ministry?  Notice, the question is not, “What is the mission of your stewardship ministry?”  The question is about your mission, the reason for you being involved in stewardship ministry. It is critical for you to know what unique role you play in this ministry, to be honest concerning how much of yourself you are giving to this work to help the work go forward. When people, companies, and congregations are on a mission, we know it. Missions are contagious. Is yours?  How would people describe your mission in stewardship ministry?  Contagious and inspiring, or apathetic and fearful?

Be honest about your personal mission.  Learn why you do what you do in stewardship ministry. Do you feel called to this work? Hopefully, you are giving it your best time and thinking. But, if your mission is not based on a sense of calling, your personal leadership will struggle and stewardship ministry will suffer because of it.

Get clarity around the ways you can have more impact in this ministry.  What might happen if your focus on stewardship ministry changed?  Think and decide.  Do you really want to be on this mission?  Is it time to change your mission in stewardship ministry?

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