Five Causes of Generosity Coaching Session 3: Community

This is the third of five coaching sessions on Five Causes of Generosity.  If you missed sessions one and two, you can read them on the  blog.   I would encourage you to subscribe to my blog on the right in order to avoid missing any more sessions.  As with any coaching session, there are some basic guiding principles.

1)  The coach will ask probing questions
2)  The one being coached will reflect on the questions/instructions given by the coach
3)  The one being coached, with the help of the coach, will create action items to achieve personal growth.

Coaching works only if the above occur.  Are you ready?  Let’s go.  Our overarching objective during this coaching series is to help you foster new energy and progress in your stewardship ministry.  The desired outcome is not only for people to give more to your church community, but to equip them to develop in their personal stewardship.  Giving and stewardship are two different discussions.  To focus on developing stewards is to focus on helping people grow in the practices of generosity, as well as gratitude, prayer, simplicity, contentment, and living a less consumptive lifestyle.

The third cause of generosity is Community.

No, you are not all that different from everyone else.  All of us want to be a part of something beyond ourselves, greater than our individualism, and more meaningful than financial success.  We are all made for community, and if most were truthful, all would loudly exclaim: Yes, please help.  I don’t like loneliness.  I want to be in relationships, deep ones; ones in which I find meaning, hope, mission, and with less of the anxiety I experience in my loneliness.  I believe God desires people to end up in these types of communities and hopes that people will be intentional in helping others enter community.  This is why Jesus has a body on earth (the body of Christ) and why Saint Paul established church communities as part of his ministry. In community, we can care for another, share with one another, and spur one another on to good deeds.

This is exactly why community is one of the causes of generosity.  If we are participating in a community, believe in the mission of the community, and see that others are giving in the community, it is nearly impossible not to be generous with the community.  Here is an example:  Think of the untold number of people who help raise awareness and dollars during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October).  Why are so many involved in this communal cause?  It is because, in this community, people connect with other people who have been affected by cancer.  They are willing to raise awareness and give because they are finding meaning and hope in their fight against cancer.  Their community helps them feel more meaningful and enables their giving to feel more meaningful too.

Community enables more meaningful giving.


What percentage of your membership is actively engaged in a least one ministry in your congregation?

What does your church leadership do to engage those members who are not active?

What are three ways you and fellow church leaders could improve efforts to get more people engaged in at least one ministry?

Never forget this fact:  If a person is engaged in at least one ministry, they are more likely to give money to support that ministry and other ministries of the church community.  The larger your church community is, the harder it is to lose track of people, therefore the larger your church community the more intentional you will need to be at having an organizational effort to increase membership engagement.


What can you afford to do less of with your time in order to increase your personal involvement in membership engagement?

In the next 60 days, your church leaders should be coached on how to participate in membership engagement.  What are two things you can ask each of them to do on a regular basis to increase the number of active church participants?


I look forward to session four tomorrow.  We will be discussing “cultivation” and how it causes generosity.  If you have found this session beneficial, please share it with others you think could benefit from the coaching.

Grace and peace.


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