Leadership Coaching Prevents Leadership Failure

Are you in the process of choosing your next board chair for your fundraising efforts or the lay leader for your church stewardship campaign?  Maybe you’ve already filled those positions and are ready for their training.  Equally important to choosing the right candidate is providing the right coaching for this new leader.  Seasoned with team leadership, or not, committee leaders need some encouragement, organized tasks, and help with critical thinking if they are to flourish in the role.

Trending, especially in churches, is the selection of Gen Xers and millennials to fill leadership roles in church stewardship campaign efforts.  The need to inspire first-time and higher level giving from their age demographic is obviously driving the trend, but what assistance is being given to help these new leaders realize the potential we see in them?  As you enlist new leaders, those more mature and those younger, consider providing some coaching in the following ways:

Provide some recommended reading on fundraising/stewardship ministry.

  1. Connect them with previous committee leaders who can share challenges from the past and opportunities for the future.
  2. Schedule regular meetings with them to ensure they are accomplishing their work and receiving the support they need to accomplish the goals of the committee.  Leaders need mentors and coaches like everyone else!
  3. Remind them that delegation and the completion of tasks are what makes committees successful.  Encourage task delegation and yearly evaluation of committee members involvement.

Leadership coaching has made a huge mark in productivity in the 21st century. Welcome the art into your own leadership development activities.  How can you assume more of a coaching role with your current committee leader?  What patterns in their leadership can be corrected through more regular and helpful communications?  It is the answer to these questions that will help set you on a course of success in your fundraising and stewardship efforts.

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