Don’t overlook these goals!

Are you trying to rebuild your stewardship ministry or take one step closer to launching a campaign in your church?  During these opening days of 2014, consider adding a few or all of the following stewardship development goals to your action steps for the year:

  1. Talk about money and stewardship even when you’re not in a financial crisis mode. This is what Jesus did!
  2.  Identify and help develop one new stewardship ministry leader in your church.  People are the church, and it is mainly through people–not programs–that change happens.
  3. Read a book on stewardship ministry/financial development and invite two or three other church leaders to take the journey with you.  What you read this year will influence what you think about; therefore, you need a book about stewardship on your “to-read” list.
  4. Contact three other churches you respect and glean what they are planning to do this year to develop their stewardship ministries.
  5. Re-imagine ways to share often-mentioned principles.  Think of the statement “every gift matters.”  While this is true, is there a way for this statement to be re-worded to capture the imagination of your congregation?
  6. Don’t be afraid of fundraising.  Raising funds helps move money for mission, so get going!

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