Questions Cultivate Generosity

Church and other non-profit campaigns are always gearing up.  Once one ends, it seems the time has already come to commence planning the next.  To be good, a campaign needs good communication strategies.  Campaigns need a case statement, a good story, challenges for identified givers to consider, and–good questions.  Questions lead people to process situations differently.  They help people explore their own souls, worldviews, and behaviors.  Questions, and the thoughts and answers they generate, are what your next campaign needs. Campaign leadership will fail without them.

A failure of some campaigns is they don’t give people the gift of reflection.  Asking people to give is not enough; ask them to think.  Give them the opportunity to pause in the midst of a hurried life and chew on a good question.  Answers will arrive in their soul. They might give.  They might also have found a new way of looking at the cause you represent.  Before you campaign again, strategically build a question or two.  Here are two questions to consider in the mix:

1)  What are your top giving priorities?  How did these become your priorities?
2)  Would you consider making _____ one of your top giving priorities for the upcoming year?

Becoming a leader involves learning to ask influential questions.  Your campaign has the potential to be transformative.  Build a great question for your next campaign and share it with as many people as you can.  Give them the gift to pause, think, and discern how to make better decisions.

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