Your Next Great Leadership Strategy

Reading impacts leadership.  Last year, I read a Michael Hyatt blog where he shared the following quote, “Leaders read and readers lead”.   I have met many leaders and  call many of them friends.  Some pastor churches, others are entrepreneurs, and a few I know lead massive organizational structures.  All of these leaders read regularly.  I have discussed current books with them and several have even made some great recommendations for my personal journey.

The books these leaders read are helping them each and every day to make important organizational decisions related to vision-casting and staff development.  Pastors are also reading to gather ideas for sermon formation and ministry to those living in brokenness.  Reading has equal potential for developing stewardship leaders.  Your next great generosity initiative may be cultivated by something you read in a book.  Remember, readers lead.

Consider adding a book with thoughts on giving campaigns or Biblically-based stewardship to your reading pile.  Make it a goal to read one such book in the next two months.  This is your next great leadership strategy.  Read more on giving and you will learn more about it.  Learn more about it and you will be more equipped to lead.  I suggest you begin with Henri Nouwen’s, A Spirituality of Fundraising.  This has always been recommended reading for pastors and other leaders with whom I work.

Do you want to deepen your understanding of stewardship ministry?  Do you want to develop as a leader in generosity development?  It’s time to read.

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