Stop Preaching Generosity Sermons

Some sermons on stewardship and generosity need to be rethought.  The content in the message might be good, but if the introduction and timing are questionable, consider postponing your next “money” pitch to the congregation.  Here are three  reasons to stop the sermon before it begins:

1)  The sermon introduction contains an apology.  It is never wise to begin your sermon with, “I’m sorry, but it is that time of year for the money talk.”  No one apologizes for preaching on prayer or loving your neighbor, so don’t apologize for this message either.  Instead, be more confident and committed in your message.

2)  You preach on generosity only when your church is having a giving campaign.  This is a mistake, because it appears the goal of your sermon is simply to inspire giving to your budget. Instead, preach when your church is not having a campaign.   Preach giving as a spiritual discipline.

3)  You are not a story-teller.  If you are not being vulnerable in a sermon on the importance of giving, it has the potential for being flat and forgettable.  Your listeners want to hear your mind and heart.  Let them know they are not alone in the battle against greed and fear.  Share your own past or current discomforts with giving abundantly.  Don’t hide your story from your sermons, instead be a leader and share your story with those who need to hear it.

Be confident.  Preach giving as a spiritual discipline.  Tell stories.  If you embrace these three values, you will be ready to begin delivering a practical and meaningful sermon on financial discipleship that will truly resonate with your listeners.

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